Safe Pest Control offers environmentally friendly pest control services to homes and businesses across the Sydney metropolitan area

Safe Pest Control Services Sydney

Have you got ants taking over your home? Maybe you’ve found some cockroaches on the prowl, or termites taking over your property? Give us a call. Covering all of the wider metro area, we’re your effective and efficient exterminator, committed to caring for your property and the environment.

We use environmentally safe products for all our residential and commercial pest services. We use the safest and lowest toxic pesticides available to deliver industry leading results to you – without impacting on the environment. Our team can clear any year round or seasonal infestation. We’ve treated all kinds of properties throughout Sydney, including homes, hotels, restaurants, factories, offices and hospitals.

We offer an inspection service guarantee that includes on-time attendance, polite and courteous technicians, a comprehensive treatment plan and a “no smell, no mess” policy. Our relatively cheap extermination service is the answer to all infestations – safe for you, your family and your pets.

Sydney pest experts protecting your family and your home

Treating properties across the Sydney CBD and suburbs, our extermination specialists have established a reputation for excellent service, exceeding all industry standards.

We offer a free backup service; all our work is fully insured and we place our clients – and the environment – at the heart of our business.

Whether you’re located in North Sydney, based in the CBD or live elsewhere in the region; for a thorough, comprehensive pest inspection of your home or place of business that is safe and affordable, get in touch with Safe Pest Control today. Call us on 1300 119 085 or arrange a quick quote online.

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