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Ancient, amazingly resilient, and able to build a colony to house millions – Ants are tiny creatures with big plans.

The biggest problems that these plans cause humans is when they go hunting for food and water, and build nests, inside buildings. Once a source of nourishment is found, ants enlist their fellow ants to help shift it back to the nest, which is how large numbers of ants appear very quickly.

Several species of ant pose serious health threats to those sensitive to their stings, and though uncommon in Australia, other species are known to carry diseases and can pose a threat in hospitals and veterinary clinics.

While killing ants at the scene does stop their immediate presence, it has no effect at all on the rest of the colony – whose main goal is to produce as many ants as possible to keep the colony going. Some DIY treatments result in the colony moving or splitting into numerous colonies, however common sense tactics like keeping all food in sealed containers, making sure taps aren’t leaking and sinks are left dry, and that food preparation areas are always clean, will help prevent ants choosing your house as their source of food.

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