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Regardless of where you live, Fleas can be a problem for humans and animals alike. This is especially true where cats and dogs are present, but even without pets fleas can become a problem in previously infested houses even after the infected pets move out.

Fleas are very important to eradicate, as their bites not only cause discomfort to humans and pets, but can lead to much more serious disease as they also carry the tapeworm parasite. Combing your pet’s hair with a flea comb is effective to an extent; to completely eradicate the problem pet owners need to consult their vets for advice.

To assist in prevention, you can vacuum your pets sleeping areas with the strongest suction possible that will not damage the bed, and discard of the vacuum cleaner bag immediately in a sealed bag outside of the house. Wash the bed regularly in hot water, pay attention when transferring beds that you don’t also transfer flea eggs and try to find spaces for the bed that are not carpeted.

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