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In the wild, mice live near humans and thrive in human environments. Mice that dwell among us often change their behavior to adapt accordingly; some even grow accustomed enough not only for themselves but also those around them so they can tolerate an increased population density which is common among populations living alongside one another over extended periods of time

In addition to being a pest, rats and mice can carry many different diseases that could infect both humans as well as livestock. These pests thrive anywhere there is food available such as near schools where they may be more likely found during holiday times when looking for leftover snacks from human population plates or even just scavenging around the school playgrounds In order avoid catching one of these pesky creatures try keeping your home clean by throwing out anything with visible bones into trash cans outside on collection days - this will help limit their access resources which might lead them down unhealthy paths

Keeping your food in sealed containers and regularly cleaning up after rats will help you avoid having them come visit. Also make sure that when they do find their way into the house, there's no easy access for these pests by keeping water bowls away from sources like cracks on windows or doors which could lead an animal to think it is home base!

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