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Spiders, though scary looking, are one of the most effective eliminators of pests and bugs which might otherwise infiltrate your house. When the spiders themselves enter your house, however, they become a nuisance, and sometimes can even pose a dangerous threat.
There are many different types of spiders, some whose bites may be fatal to humans and pets and others whose bites may only cause itchiness and swelling. They come in all shapes and sizes, some being attracted to warm, dark and cramped spots like cracks in a wall, in corners and in eaves while others prefer to stay close to the outdoors.

You’re most likely to spot spiders in your house in autumn as they prepare to spend the winter somewhere warm and dry. To help prevent spider problems, you should regularly vacuum, change lighting to reduce the amount of bugs (as they are food for spiders), remove any webs you find, block any entry gaps and cracks and shift things like compost and wood piles away from your house.

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